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Is skipping really thin? The correct way to lose weight by skipping to share



Is skipping really thin? The correct way to lose weight by skipping to share

Is skipping really thin? I have persisted for 2 months and lost 15 pounds (experience sharing)

Whether skipping can lose weight has always been a controversial topic. To be honest, I also searched a lot on the Internet before choosing skipping. See many examples of various expert guidance and personal successes and failures. Some people say that skipping rope successfully loses weight and restores the body. Others say that skipping rope not only failed to make oneself lose weight successfully, but the calf became thick and hard.

It was also entangled for a long time. Later, some time ago, due to special circumstances, I couldn't go out and had no other activities, so I had to choose to start skipping rope. Share with you my own experience, steps, diet and related situations


I don't have much sports foundation. When I was a child, I often tripped on rope when I was skipping. Besides, I was embarrassed to go to the community downstairs at first, so I could only do it at home. I chose cordless skipping.

The advantage of cordless skipping is that the sound is small and will not affect the downstairs. It is suitable for jumping at home. There is also one that will not be tripped, and there is no need to always stop and start again.

At the beginning, I didn't buy sportswear specially, just wear my own clothes, but they should be more flexible or stretchy.

I bought a pair of ordinary sneakers, the one-piece, I remember it was 99 yuan.

Rope skip plan:

The plan I set for myself the previous week was: 4,200 jumps a day, once in the morning and at night, 2100 each time. , This is the general plan.

I can't complete 2100 each time. So I divided the 2100 into 3 groups, 700 in each group, with an interval of 1 to 2 minutes between each group, and 700 must be completed at once without stopping.

These 700 are based on my own physical condition. If you also choose to skip rope, you need to decide according to your own situation. Just choose a value that you need to persist in order to complete but not exhausted.

Later, it was easier for me to jump 4200 a day, and I rushed to the bottom of the community to jump. I bought a rope skipping rope, and now I keep it around 6000 every day.

Diet situation: When I first skipped rope, my appetite increased greatly and I ate more than before. I started to control my diet in about a week.

In the morning: oatmeal, yam, pumpkin, taro, etc. take turns; add 2 eggs, a glass of milk or soy milk; small fruit and half a large fruit.

Lunch: chicken, beef, shrimp; half a bowl of rice; various vegetarian dishes. Basically, I eat with my family, and it hasn't changed much from before. But choose to chew slowly. And it ends when you are 80% full, so you won`t eat as often as before.

Dinner: fruits, vegetables, staple food plus 1 bowl of white fungus soup, or a bowl of porridge.

Because I usually go to bed relatively early, I basically go to bed before ten o'clock, so I ask myself to have dinner before six o'clock, and I won't eat anything until I go to bed at night.

These dietary combinations are not implemented according to the strict amount of one serving, anyway, every meal will stop at about 70% full.

Weight change: My height is 168, and I weighed 70 before I started skipping. After two months, I lost 15 pounds and became 62.5. My target weight is around 55, so I continue to work hard.

The problem of thick calf: This is also a problem that I was particularly worried about before choosing to skip rope. So every time I skipped rope, I did my homework.

1. Stretching

There are many exercises for calf stretching, I will introduce one, the one I use the most, the picture below

2. Pinch the calf

After stretching, I would sit on the floor and repeatedly pinch my calf from the ankle to the knee joint. As far as I am concerned, there is no professional approach. Anyway, it is from bottom to top and then from top to bottom, not letting go of every place. It hurts in some places, so I knead it for a while. I will also grab and pinch my knees for a while.

3. Relax

At the end I will lie down and relax my legs. The following figure

This is a movement in yoga. I basically keep it for 3 to 5 minutes at a time, sometimes even longer.

I was very worried about the calf thickening, so I did more homework on the calf after exercise. My calf is firmer and not thicker than before, but the lines are much better than before.

I'm not sure which step will work, or the combination of the three will work, but it has been strictly enforced and there is no laziness.

This is my own experience of using skipping rope to lose weight. I will share it with you and hope it will be useful to everyone.

Note: The personal experience of friends, share with you, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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