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How to use the yoga wheel


The yoga wheel is a kind of yoga assistive device. When recruiting teachers, many yoga studios will indicate that teachers who know some special courses are preferred, such as "wheel yoga." Is chakra yoga difficult to master? In fact, if you have mastered the exercise principles of various yoga asanas and the principles of using aids, it will be much easier to learn chakra yoga, and you can even create countless [chakra yoga" poses yourself.
The yoga wheel is a revolutionary yoga aid, available in various sizes according to the main goal or purpose of use. The reason why the yoga wheel is so popular is that it has multiple functions: you can use the yoga wheel to relax and rest, or you can use the yoga wheel to gain better flexibility, flexibility, strength and stability. When we add yoga wheels to our practice, we can take these benefits to the next level. The yoga wheel helps to deepen your yoga practice comprehensively.
How to use the yoga wheel? For practitioners who already understand the principles of correct asana practice, the following text may help you save a lot of training fees.

1. Aid for spine relaxation
The yoga wheel is known as the artifact of back bend, and it is effective in the extension and relaxation of the spine. As shown in the figure below, rolling up and down the yoga wheel to massage the spine or just lying quietly can offset the tension caused by long-term sitting. And fatigue, can better open the shoulder joints and stretch the spine.


Or, for practitioners who have difficulty sitting upright, the yoga wheel is a loyal friend of your spine protection.


2. The challenge of stability

Well, stand up, all kinds of standing postures that you used to stand on the ground, you can try practicing on the yoga wheel, which can better exercise balance and strengthen core stability and core strength.

It was originally a hand balance posture that was only supported by your hands. Once you join the yoga wheel, the burning core and shoulder and arm power will participate, making you want to stop.


3. Deepen the pose

Deepen the asana by increasing your range of motion. The following picture is an example. The "length" of the front leg is increased on the basis of the original lizard pose, which brings more extension of the hip joint of the hind leg.

On the basis of the traditional sitting forward bending, the position of raising the legs can have more extension of the back of the thighs-but for students who are already very good at forward bending, it is invalid.

4. Good-looking & innovative

It does not necessarily increase the difficulty of the asana, nor does it necessarily reduce the difficulty of the original asana. More, mainly-good-looking. You can innovate various combinations of yoga and "Chakra".

Well, it just looks cool.


5. Overall strength enhancement

By adding unstable factors to the strength pose, the muscle strength and balance of the whole body are more challenged. The following figure is more difficult in the static holding of the sideboard type than directly on the ground.

Give it a try. Does it require more core strength than traditional shoulderstands?


6. Practice for advanced asanas

Whether it is head and elbow handstand, elbow handstand, handstand, shoulderstand and other handstands, the yoga wheel can help you master the asanas faster and enhance the strength and balance required for the inverted pose.
Picture: For practitioners who have difficulty in slow-starting handstands, the yoga wheel is a good support.


Practicing with yoga wheels against the wall makes it easier to find the core usage and balance point, and it is very safe.


Of course, you can also use it to enter a backbend from an inverted stand, with a little assistance, just like the teacher is helping you adjust, so that you can make progress without being negatively dependent.

7. Funny

It's time to show your true strength!


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